Approach: All the way to the finish line

Madhuli Kulkarni follows a holistic approach to mental training in sports and not an SOS or band aid kind of approach. It is comprehensive and includes:

  • A detailed performance evaluation of last season.
  • Setting up goals for this season.
  • Planning performance.
  • Starting training: working on the mental component of the game, which includes-.
    • Working on the conscious, sub-conscious mind.
    • Building self-image and self-talk.
    • Learning to focus and de-focus.
    • Confidence.
    • Emotional self-control, controlling the controllable.
    • Pressure handling and using it to our advantage.
    • Visualisation.
    • Resilience.
    • Strategies.
    • Burn-outs, injury.
    • Peaking @right time.
    • Coping with winning or losing.
    • Reassessment of the targets, revised goals.
  • Post- competition performance evaluation.

To improve focus and deal with distractions :

  • To grow confidence in athletes who have doubts.
  • To develop coping skills to deal with setbacks and errors.
  • To find the right zone of intensity for the respective sport.
  • To help teams develop communication skills and cohesion.
  • To instil a healthy belief system and identify irrational thoughts.
  • To improve or balance motivation for optimal performance
  • To develop confidence post injury
  • To develop game specific strategies and game plans
  • To identify and enter the zone of optimum concentration more often